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BBS Training Suite official opening planned for 5 July

Earlier this year BICSc finalised its plans for the development of a dedicated BBS Training Suite with the relocation of its headquarters to number 4 Premier Court, Moulton Park in Northampton. The move took place earlier this year, in March, allowing work to commence on the redevelopment of the Institute’s previous HQ at 9 Premier Court into an enhanced training suite.

The move came as a result of a highly successful year for BICSc, which saw the delivery of a record number of training days. The new training suite will allow for a significant improvement in the facilities and learning experience we offer to candidates. Not only will we be able to offer a higher volume and variety of training programmes, but we will also have a greater ability to expand our capacity going forward.

The new BBS Training Suite will consist of six dedicated training areas:

  • Cleaning Lab 1 – an area where candidates can complete ‘Licence to Practice’ and Skills training
  • Cleaning Lab 2 –a similar area to Cleaning Lab 1 but with a dedicated washroom area for candidates to train in washroom skills
  • Cleaning Lab 3 – an additional area for candidates to complete ‘Licence to Practice’ and Skills training
  • Cleanlogic 1 – a dedicated area for Cleanlogic™ Courses and Workshops
  • Cleanlogic 2 – an additional area for Cleanlogic™ Courses and Workshops including Assessors
  • Floor Lab – a dedicated area for candidates to train in larger floor skills

Work has now completed on Cleaning Lab 1, the new ‘Licence to Practice’ and Skills training area, as well as our Cleanlogic™ 1 and 2 classrooms, with the rest of rooms due to be ready for training shortly. An official opening ceremony is planned for Friday 5 July. More details on this will be announced soon.