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Apprenticeship Webinar Invitation

Intermediary Organisations

Register for our webinars on how to support small and medium emplpoyer (SMEs) transition to the apprenticeship service

Recently the Employment and skills Funding Agency announced further details for SMEs (that don’t pay the apprenticeship levy) on accessing the apprenticeship service from 2020.

In order to support small and medium sized employers joining the apprenticeship service, we are hosting dedicated webinars for intermediary organisations. We will not be able to include policy information or provide a Q&A session due to pre-election restrictions.

Organisations can register to join our webinars to hear about the arrangements in more detail, so they can support employers with the transition to the service. We are hosting sessions on:


We will also announce further details of the transition via ESFA Update. You can sign up to receive alerts when Update is published.

Contact details:


Smaller Employer Engagement Team

Education and Skills Funding Agency

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