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12. Suspension and Sanction explained - BICSc

Fri 24 Apr 2015 05:56:00 PM EEST

By definition, suspension is the temporary withholding of a privilege. In rare circumstances a Verification Support Coordinator (VSC) may suspend or impose a sanction on a Centre/Hub or an individual Assessor. We do not see suspension as the permanent solution; however the suspension will allow time for an action plan to be carried out, whilst is there being a halt to the normal assessment activities. The suspension/sanction will inhibit Assessors from carrying out the full range of activities which their Licence would normally permit them to do.

The action to suspend is not taken lightly and is always chosen once other options have been explored and have been discounted. When a Suspension or a Sanction is imposed, the VSC is acting in the best interests of the Candidate (Cleaning Operative), the reputation of the Institute and the safeguarding of the Organisation.

It is only a Verification Support Coordinator that can suspend a Centre/Hub/Assessor Licence. It is only a Verification Support Coordinator that can lift the suspension/sanction.

A VSC can only suspend a Centre/Hub/Assessor Licence when the circumstances meet specific criteria. This Bulletin provides the circumstances which may result in suspension or sanction. It is responsibility of the Lead Assessor, individual Assessor and VSC to ensure that suspension or a sanction is avoided.

- An Organisation or Individual that fails to keep up to date candidate assessment records
- An Organisation or Individual that fails to provide appropriate facilities for assessments
- An Organisation fails to meet payment terms
- A qualified assessor is not present at the audit.
- Centre fails to respond to Verification & Support Co-ordinator after repeated telephone messages and or emails to arrange an audit date.
- Persistent deferral of audit visits within 3 months after initial contact or audit date
- Evidence of an inadequate assessment
- Verbal or physical abuse to BICSc staff (Verification Support Co-ordinator or BICSc Headquarters employees)-
- Previously agreed corrective measures as outlined in an Audit/Inspection Action Plan have not been implemented.
- There is evidence of Malpractice:
- Centre using their own certification method
- Centre has broken centre classification rules (See Centre Classification Document, available upon request)
- Not meeting assessment standards
- Records are insufficient to allow audit
- Assessors fails to meet the standard required at their assessment
- Assessors licence has expired and they knowingly continue to certificate
During a suspension period, the Centre/Hub/Assessor is unable to raise any certificate requests. Suspension or Sanctions can only be lifted when VSC is satisfied that the action plan is complete. This may require a further visit for which a charge will be made.

If in the event a suspension/sanction is issued, the Centre/Hub/Assessor has the right appeal the decision of the VSC. In the first instance, the appeal should be sent the Customer Services Team Leader at the BICSc Northampton office. The appeal shall be investigated following our Appeals Procedure.

Authorised by
Stan Atkins
Group CEO