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20. Centre / Assessor Rules & Regulations - BICSc

Fri 24 Apr 2015 06:04:00 PM EEST

Dear Assessors,
Welcome to my second Assessor Bulletin.

It has been noted that some Assessors are not aware or entirely sure of the rules and regulations covering Centres or the requirements for the Assessor (s) and Centre on an annual basis, therefore this bulletin will reconfirm what must be done in order to maintain both statuses.

The content of this bulletin does vary slightly from the guidelines and rules set within the Assessor kit in order to highlight specific information.

The full rules and regulations are contained within your Assessor kit for future reference.

Centre regulations
All Centres are subject to a verification visit; by way of an annual audit all Centres must have their annual audit the month prior to the existing renewal date, the month of the existing renewal date or the month following the existing renewal date. Should any Centre fail to have had their audit within this time frame then the Centre shall be suspended. The Centre Licence renewal will always be the same date, even if the annual audit takes place a month before or a month after.
An Accredited Training Organisation’s (ATO) must hold a BICSc Centre Licence, if it is to train, assess and certificate BICSc qualifications.
An Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) can hold more than one BICSc Centre License, dependant on their business requirements.
BICSc reserve the right to categorise an organisation’s Centre License.
BICSc reserve the right to grant a BICSc Centre Licence on a country-by-country basis.
A Centre approval can only be conducted by a member of the BICSc Verification Support Coordinator (VSC).
Centre approval may be declined if the organisation does not meet the criteria during the verification visit or if payment terms are not met.
A Centre Licence may be granted, subject to the organisation completing an approved action plan set out by the VSC, in the timescale set. Failure to do so may result in the Centre Licence being suspended.
A Centre Licence shall remain valid where an organisation is compliant with current regulations.
BICSc reserve the right to restrict a Centre from BICSc training and assessment, to a specific location or country.
BICSc, in agreement with the organisation, shall appoint a lead Assessor / Scheme coordinator. The lead Assessor is responsible for items pertaining to quality assurance.
At anytime, between annual audits, BICSc may request to visit an organisation to check quality assurance. Reasonable prior notice shall always be given to the organisation. An organisation that is unable to accommodate an inspection visit may have their Centre Licence suspended.
Failure to comply with reasonable requests made by BICSc may result in the Centre Licence being suspended.
An organisation must adhere to the Data Protection Act (1998). By that a Centre must:retain BICSc candidate/learner records securely for a minimum of 3 years. Once 3 years has expired, the destruction of personal data is to be carried out in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).
Assessor Licence
All BICSc Licensed Assessors are subject to maintaining their assessment skills and knowledge without a gap of more than 12 months. To prove this a BICSc Licenced Assessor must request a minimum of 5 Skills Certificates within the 12 month period between annual audits. This does not include BICSc License to Practice (PBICSc) card request forms.
BICSc Licensed Assessors must be registered to a BICSc Licensed Centre.
BICSc reserve the right to categorise a person’s Assessor Licence, dependant on the category of Centre they are registered to: Roaming - an Assessor to conduct BICSc assessments within the geographical boundary of the country they are Licensed. Static - an Assessor to conduct BICSc assessments at a specific site / location.
An Assessor approval can only be conducted by a BICSc verification support coordinator (VSC).
BICSc Licensed Assessors must hold as a minimum a current BICSc License to Practice (PBICSc) card and 7 skills contained within the BICSc Cleaning Professionals Skills Suite (CPSS 2.0).
A person may be declined an Assessors License, if the person does not meet the criteria during the verification visit or the payment terms are not met.
An Assessor License may be issued: however this may be subject to an organisation completing an action plan set out by the VSC, in the timescale set. Failure to do so may result in the License being withdrawn.
BICSc shall provide a verification report following an Assessor approval. The report may include actions for the organisation to complete in a specified timescale.
The License shall only remain valid under the following conditions: The Assessor is not in breach of the BICSc Assessor code of conduct (can be found within the kit). The Assessor remains an employee of organisation that the License is registered to. The lead Assessor of a BICSc Licensed Centre, which the Assessor is registered to is confident with that person’s ability to assess. BICSc verification team is confident with the person’s ability to assess.
BICSc Licensed Assessors can only assess the BICSc skills, which they have been certified in.
When conducting an assessment, the BICSc Licensed Assessor is responsible for the safety and welfare of the individual.
BICSc reserve the right to suspend a person’s BICSc Assessor License
An Assessor can have their License suspended by their lead Assessor if the lead Assessor deems it appropriate. BICSc must be notified immediately of the action taken.
BICSc reserve the rights to restrict BICSc training and assessment to a specific location or country.
BICSc shall issue each BICSc Licensed Assessor a certificate of competence and plastic ID style card (specified Assessors may differ due to circumstances).
The award of a certificate of competence demonstrates that the Assessor is able to make decisions about the competent training of others, is able to identify both good and bad cleaning practices and is committed to professional development of the Centre, self and others.
In order to renew a BICSc Assessor License, the Assessor must be present at the annual audit and demonstrate their competency as an Assessor.
If due to circumstances an Assessor is not able to attend the annual audit, the lead Assessor must seek permission from BICSc to renew their Assessor Licence in their absence. An Assessor cannot be missing from 2 consecutive audits and still retain their BICSc Assessor License.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and wish each and everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.
Changes for Assessors in 2015!
LBICSc in the Handbook
In August 2014 BICSc commenced the CPSS to CPSS 2.0 exchange for all Centre’s and Hubs. The exchange takes place when your Centre or Hub receives its annual audit.

One of the many changes that you will see, is that your Assessor Card will reflect the new grade LBICSc (Licenced Assessor). Although not all Centre’s and Hubs have had the opportunity to upgrade to CPSS 2.0, in the forth coming 2015/2016 BICSc Handbook Assessor will be shown under their new grade as LBICSc.

New Postage Rates
Whilst BICSc have held off increasing our postage prices for a long time, UK postage price are contently increasing and we have had to revise our postage rates for the items shown below. These rates will become effective from the 1st of January 2015. Please click here for new rates.