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3. Checking and Cleaning of Cables - BICSc

Fri 24 Apr 2015 05:40:00 PM EEST

During BICSc assessment, it is a requirement that a candidate should undertake the checking of all equipment. When checking electrical equipment powered by cable connecting to the mains, the cable will need to be checked along its entire length.

BICSc best practice for the checking of cables is to check the length of the cable by running the cable through a dry cloth. The cloth is to provide protectionagainst cuts and nicks, better detection of damage to the cable and a certain amount of cleaning of the cable. This checking will be required both before and after use of equipment as standard practice.

SubmitWhere the machine/cable is in a poor state of cleanliness after operation, then a more detailed clean would be required. This should be undertaken by taking the machine out of service checking with manufacturers’ instructions and then potentially using damp cloths (with or without detergent) to deep clean the equipment.

The equipment is not then re-commissioned until fully dry and put back into use. If the machine check is undertaken as detailed above, it will extend the period for the need of any deep clean to take place.

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Pat O’Mara
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