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Assessor update – Summer 2021


Photos should be a good quality face towards camera head & shoulders colour photo like they would for a passport.

  • No photos that are not head & shoulders
  • No face masks
  • No enhancements or filters: e.g. hearts, flowers, butterfly frames
  • No side on model posed partial faces

Please ensure all candidate submissions are made within 6 months of the assessment taking place. LTP forms must be fully completed, the fields are all mandatory and we cannot process without a contact phone number or email address.

If we contact you with a candidate submission query please reply, we are here to help and, unfortunately, if we don’t receive the necessary information, we will not be able to complete your processing request for you and your request may be rejected and remain unprocessed.

BICSc have introduced CPSS v3 and developed a BICSc app which is free to use by all BICSc Assessors who hold a valid LTP and in date Assessor licence. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept processing via the app or in paper format if your LTP or Assessor licence has expired.

The app is quick to install from Google Play for Android or the Apple App Store, just search BICSc., easy to use and submits candidate assessments, including photos for LTP, directly to BICSc without the need of scanning and emailing.

Don’t worry if you forget your password, you can easily reset this by using the Forgotten your password? link on the sign-in screen of the App. If you click here then type in your email address, this will be the one you have designated for use by BICSc, press Reset my Password you will see a green banner confirming an email has been sent to the email address you have just used that will have reset instructions. If the banner is red it would indicate an incorrect email address has been input or that you are not recognised in our system and a quick call to us should get you working.

When you receive the automated email with instructions on how to reset your password you need to action it within 1 hour or the link in the email will expire and you will need to use the Forgotten your password? link on the sign-in screen of the App again.

Please call if you would like assistance with getting started with the BICSc App and remember to keep us up to date if your contact details change as these enable Assessors to access the BICSc App.

Audits & Assessors

In recognition of the impact COVID has had on sites and everybody’s ability to travel, we have introduced virtual audits. If you have completed a set up and had at least one face to face audit with a BICSc Verifier, you may be invited to have a virtual audit via Microsoft Teams. The audit format remains the same with a review of documents, practical demonstration of skills/mock assessment, site and assessor-related questions from the Verifier and BICSc updates and Q&A with the Verifier.

For both virtual and face to face audits we now ask that you provide documents electronically to us prior to the audit to enable the Verifier to review fully so they can offer guidance and support allowing the Verifier to spend audit time working with you to support you in your role as a BICSc Assessor.

Please remember it is an ongoing requirement for all Assessors to maintain a valid Licence to Practice at all times, the date of expiry can be found on your Assessor card in the top left-hand corner on the reverse. If you are a multi-Assessor site you can renew each other’s LTP, if you are a lone Assessor, please contact us for details of renewal through our Virtual Training Suite.

If you are unsure when your Assessor licence expires this is the corresponding date on the top right-hand side of your Assessor card. Each site has a unique BICSc number, top right corner above your Assessor expiry date, and the BICSc site and BICSc Assessor linked to it will have the same expiry date. The ability for BICSc Assessors to train staff directly employed by your company is one of the benefits of BICSc Accredited Training Membership which is renewable annually, the same month each year, details of the benefits for Members can be found on our website. Click the button below.

Supporting Materials

We know you all have busy jobs and that BICSc may be part of a wider role you perform and to support you in your role as a BICSc Assessor we can offer support through our Virtual Training Suite.

We can provide you with access to our training courses just leaving you with the candidate assessment, we have demonstration videos to borrow for presentations and a selection of free to access courses to help as refreshers or an introduction to BICSc.

BICSc are here to support you in your roles and please call us if there is information or guidance that we can provide and we will be pleased to help where we can.

Best wishes

The Customer Support Team

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