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BICSc & BBS Announce changes to International Verification & UK Associate Providers

As you may know, The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) cannot carry out training.

The delivery of BICSc CPSS training has been facilitated by BICSc Business Services (BBS) for over six years and our business model has fundamentally changed in this time.

For example, international trainers and auditors were dispatched from the UK with all the associated travel and subsistence costs.  Now in-country delivery is available at most international locations.  This in turn, has impacted on the role of International Territory Managers and we are looking to streamline this operation to a single source supplier.

As far as our most important market is concerned, the UK market, the number of ATO setups is reducing. The requirements for training from our customers is changing and we are hampered by the fact that we cannot attract any subsidies or grants to deliver BICSc training.  Furthermore, the apprenticeship levy has impacted severely on cleaning contractors with no opportunity at this time to access the money accrued in the levy to train cleaning operatives and this situation is exasperated by the uncertainty over Brexit.

Therefore, it is with regret that we have made the decision to end our contracts with Associates in the UK and International Territory Managers.  BBS will now wherever possible deliver this service/function itself.

May I finish by thanking our Associates for their support and hard work over the years and the International Territory Managers for the efforts they have made in their regions.

Stan Atkins | Group CEO BICSc

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