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BBS plans visit to Abu Dhabi and Qatar

After last year’s successful visits to Dubai, BICS Business Services (BBS) have decided to visit two more areas of the Gulf to learn more about cleaning and facilities management services in the region.

BBS will be visiting Abu Dhabi, and Qatar on the 3-8 May 2017 and are currently putting together an itinerary for informal face to face meetings in both regions. If you would like to find out more about BICSc accredited training and how BBS can help you improve the quality standards of your cleaning services why not come and see us?

We would love the opportunity to find out more about your company and your employees, and hopefully find the perfect fit for your training needs. Our team will be available to put together a training plan to ensure that you have a professional, industry accredited workforce who are engaged and committed to raising the cleaning standards for your organisation.


Who should meet us:

Companies who do not have BICSc accredited training
We can help you add value to your current service offerings by training your staff to an industry recognised standard that will make you stand out from the competition when tendering for new contracts as well as helping you retain your current contracts through consistent high standards.

Existing BBS customers
Find out about our full skills list and new products. See how you can add them to your current skills set to expand on the great work you are doing already.

Individuals interested in BICSc accredited training

Gain industry recognised qualifications to boost your job prospects and increase your chances of career progression within the cleaning industry.

Companies with cleaning contractors
We can provide information on what cleaning standards are, and help your business work more efficiently with your cleaning contractor to get the best out of your cleaning services.


BICSc accredited training is an excellent way to increase the cleaning standards throughout your company by becoming an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO). Setting up an ATO will allow your business to train your own staff anywhere in your country whichever sector you operate in. Your customers can be confident knowing that your employees, at any of their sites, will be working to an internationally recognised and trusted standard.

If you are based in the United Kingdom, we are always available to come see you all year round. We would love the opportunity talk to you about our products and services and produce a training course that fits your requirements.

If you are interested in meeting us for an informal face to face meeting to discuss how BICSc could work for you, contact us at bbs@bicsbusinessservices or +44 1604 678712.


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