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An Interview With Aspers

Tue 29 Apr 2014 02:39:00 PM EEST

Aspers Casino 

By Margaret Gardiner Cleaning Supervisor Aspers Casino

1. Please tell us a little bit more about Aspers...

Aspers is a high quality and upscale British casino operator. Aspers' business strategy is to be a Leader in the UK industry by creating a portfolio of urban entertainment and gaming facilities which are operated responsibly and in partnership with Local communities, whilst entertaining and exciting customers. We have a distinguished track record in the development of popular and successful Leisure, entertainment and gaming complexes.

The emphasis is on entertainment [food, drink, music, excitement] not just gaming. Aspers currently has some 1200 employees in the UK. Aspers properties deliver realeconomic and socialbenefits to Localpeople through jobs, training and investment and in this way we contribute to sustainable urban regeneration

3. Why did you choose to train your staff to BICSc Assessor level?

There was immediate cost savings in selecting the trainer based option that BICSc offers. Sending 4 designated assessors to a centralLocation immediately brought the department together at a group Levelto share challenges, successes and best practices which has continued to be the case after the initialtraining week. It then empowered the assessors to take ownership of their on-site teams with clear and cohesive objectives.

Assessors already know their team and can engage with them and provide feedback in a way that willbe taken on board in a positive way. We had no cleaning issues before approaching BICSc but there were inconsistencies from site to site on the process and procedures being followed. Now formalised, our assessors know what those standards and expectations are and play a key role in maintaining them on a day to day basis.

2. Why did you choose BICSc for your Accredited Cleaning training?

Our aim was to establish a consistent and clear benchmark for cleaning standards throughout our 4 sites. Having just been awarded the European Casino Operator of the Year 2014 at the InternationalGaming Awards, as a company, we expect the highest standards in allwe do and housekeeping is no exception. This is reflected in our recent investment in training with BICSc. The high standard and professionalism of BICSc reflect that of our own. BICSc is regarded as one of the best in the industry- it was therefore a naturalfit for Aspers.

4. What did you see as key benefits with this service?

We have already seen early signs of cost saving by our team using the correct amount of chemicals for the particular job in hand. We expect this trend to continue as the months progress and more of the team pass additionalmodules. The team feelvalued that the company has invested in them and has helped to boost staff morale.

They always knew they played a criticalrole in creating a clean and safe environment for our customers and our staff, but it is great that they know the company understands and appreciates this too, the investment speaks volumes. We are even getting new uniforms which is the icing on the cake!

5. How has this helped your organisation?

It has opened up opportunities for staff to move from one site to another las and when required) they can hit the ground running in another site as the cleaning products, processes and procedures are instantly familiar.

Transferable skills, cost savings on amount of chemicals used and bulk buying same products, staff morale, raised profile of the department, bringing departments and sites together, sharing best practices and providing support.

6. How easy did you find this process?

BBS Were very professionaland all the support and advice was there whenever it was required.