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Cleanlogic™ Control of Cross-Contamination

What is Cleanlogic™ Control of Cross-Contamination​ about?

Candidates will learn best practice techniques for infection prevention, as well as how to prevent a breakout from occurring and spreading. It ensures the operative will be at no risk from working in the area of a potential breakout.

Who would benefit from this training?

• Operatives in all areas safeguarding against the risks of cross-contamination and offering control measures in the case of a pandemic
• Supervisors
• Managers

What is the duration of the training?

• The training will take a maximum of 3 hours

What are the training aims?

• Understanding the benefits of a colour coding programme, the effectiveness of chemical ranges, looking at how microfibre works and what prevents its effectiveness

• Comprehension of safe methods of containing and cleaning small areas of bodily spillage

Useful Information

• All courses take the form of a live presentation and demonstrations where applicable
• Handouts and further information are supplied for enhanced knowledge in an electronic format


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