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We Need to talk about #ColourCodingForCleaningandHygiene

Just one of the many standards that BICSc is best known for is colour-coding. We have been recommending the use of colour-coded cleaning and janitorial equipment within the cleaning and hygiene industry for more than 30 years.

Whilst many organisations do follow our recommended guidelines – is this enough to make a real difference?

The UK has legislation in place for food preparation, which is there to stop the spread of cross-contamination – we have been asking why there isn’t any legislation when it comes to cleaning.

Following a colour-coding system has many benefits, one being that it reduces the risk of cross-contamination. It can also make life easier for cleaning operatives……Now that’s worth shouting about, isn’t it?   

The pandemic has made many people think more about the importance of cleaning and hygiene, so as we emerge from this lockdown let’s take the opportunity to continue to raise awareness around the important matters that affect our industry.

In our latest reel, our CEO, Stan Atkins gets down to the nitty gritty on this, his bête noire subject.

How can you help?

  • Visit our Virtual Training Suite where members and non-members can register for our FREE OF CHARGE colour-coding awareness course. Upon completion candidates receive a digital certificate, a great start to further a career in cleaning CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.
  • Send us your images of the good, the bad and the ugly use of colour-coding – email us
  • Share our social media posts with the #ColourCodingForCleaningandHygiene
  • Share a story about how colour-coding works for you

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