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Master Cleaners Training Institute Gains BICSc Accreditation

Master Cleaners Training Institute Gains BICSc Accreditation

The Master Cleaners Training Institute was granted the status of an Accredited Training Organisation with the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc). In partnership with BICSc, Master Cleaners provide accredited training programmes to CrestClean franchisees and other cleaning organisations based in New Zealand.

A member of the BICS International team recently travelled to New Zealand to assess the operation. They spent seven days in Auckland in the field assessing Adam Hodge and his team. BICSc are now proud to announce that Master Cleaners have become accredited and are officially an Accredited Training Organisation.

The Master Cleaners’ primary function is to provide training to CrestClean franchisees and other organisations with a cleaning responsibility, providing entry-level and more specialised training to all CrestClean franchisees and employees. This includes the provision of annual up-Mulling programmes, which will be attended by more than 1,000 CrestClean personnel each year.

Master Cleaners’ aims to set the benchmark for delivering professional accredited training programmes for the New Zealand cleaning industry. Our mission is to raise standards through innovation and skills development in the cleaning industry.