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Hamid Ghadry, a Cleaning Manager at Warwick School started his career in cleaning as a Cleaning Operative and quickly saw the power of BICSc Membership and accredited training. He has since transformed the careers of almost 500 individuals with the support of BICSc Membership. Read Hamid’s story. 

“My career in cleaning started many years ago as a Cleaning Operative, where I was first introduced to the Institute and completed BICSc accredited training. 

Since then, I have been involved directly in the training and development of staff for various organisations across the UK and have put almost 500 individuals through their BICSc ‘Licence to Practice’ (LTP) training, with many progressing on to complete further skills. 

I have personally witnessed the power of BICSc Membership which has not only improved the quality of our cleaning services but has also transformed our employee’s careers by improving their motivation and engagement with industry best practice.  

I recently joined Warwick Independent Schools Foundation as the Cleaning Manager and we have now fully embraced BICSc, with our training centre due to be set up early in June. We aim to be amongst one of the few organisations in the UK to fully implement BICSc standards and to train our staff on all of the Base, Additional and Specialist units in the Cleaning Professional’s Skills Suite (CPSS). This is parallel with Warwick School’s values and its mission to support the provision of excellent services for our pupils and stakeholders.

There are exciting times ahead, all of which would not be possible without the support we gain through BICSc Membership.”

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