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Richard Morgan, owner of RM Clean is both an Individual and Corporate Member of the Institute. He started his career in the industry in 1983, and now runs his own cleaning company. After recognising the value of membership and BICSc accredited training his business has seen an influx in demand, taking on around three new clients every week. Read Richard’s story.

“My passion for the cleaning industry began in 1983, where I worked in carpet fitting and cleaning. I have always recognised the importance of professional membership and development, joining a number of professional associations, becoming certified and taking a variety of courses within this specialism.

In 2008, after taking a slight change in career direction I moved into office cleaning after coming across an advert in a local paper offering help to start your own cleaning company. It was not long before I started getting work, and after a few years I took over a franchise for a domestic cleaning company in my area.

I became a BICSc Member around three years ago after completing my ‘Licence to Practice’ qualification, and over the next year I achieved another 13 skills on top of this, alongside the Cleanlogic™ Courses; ‘Principles of Health & Safety’ and ‘Control of Cross Contamination’. I picked up several ‘tricks of the trade’ on these courses and due to recommendations from my clients, I am now taking on around three new domestic customers every week.

To strengthen my career further, last year I took up a six-day training bundle from BICSc and set myself the challenge of completing all of the skills from the Cleaning Professional’s Skills Suite (CPSS). This is a huge commitment for me, but I see it as a great opportunity to make myself and my company stand out.

Since becoming a BICSc Member, my confidence has grown significantly – I regularly take advantage of learning opportunities through member events and keep up to date with industry insights through the member magazine. As a result, I have seen a real improvement, not only in my own ability, but in the trust my customers have in my business to deliver the highest quality service. I have received so much brilliant feedback from my clients, and can now confidently call myself a ‘cleaning professional’.”

If you’re a BICSc Member and you’d like us to feature your story email or tell us in around 30 words why BICSc Membership is important to you here.

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