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2. Adequate Waste Disposal Facilities - BICSc

Fri 24 Apr 2015 05:29:00 PM EEST

For the safe disposal of used solutions and cleaning of equipment after use, access to a dedicated suitable sink is a BICSc

Assessment and Audit requirement
Suitable sink: is sluice type sink (butler sink) is of a reasonable size and at a suitable height. A stainless steel alternative is acceptable. It would be ideal if a liftable rack is also fitted please see photo.

Water Supply: A minimum requirement is that a cold water supply is from a tap located above the sink. Where manufacturer directions indicate the need for the use of hot/warm water, a tap which supplies hot water must be fitted.

Drainage: Waste pipe must be connected to the correct soil drain. It is not acceptable for the disposal of used solutions via surface water drain.

Maintenance: for the purpose of BICSc assessment and audits, it will be expected that the sink is fit for purpose and as a minimum will be clean and odour free; free from blockages; damage free; no leaking pipes/taps; safe for the user.

For the purpose of the a BICSc Audit and Assessment, where Roaming Assessors are operating on sites that do not have access to sinks as defined above, then your Local Water Authority will advise what is acceptable for disposal of used solutions.

Click here to visit the Water UK's website for local contact information.

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Pat O’Mara
Head of Group Operations



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