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17. Peer Assessment - BICSc

Fri 24 Apr 2015 06:01:00 PM EEST

Each Licence and Certificate issued by BICSc represents a ‘standard’. In order to maintain this standard, Standardisation is required. The BICSc Verification Team and BICSc International ensure that the standard is kept internationally through Standardisation, by the way of an Annual Verification Visit and these Assessor Bulletins.

Each Lead Assessor has the responsibility of Standardising at a local level; that of their own Assessment Team. There should not be a variant of standard within a Centre, in the same way there should not be a variant of standard across the world.

The Annual Verification Visit is an opportunity to review and help maintain the standard of the Assessment Team; however we only have one day in the year to do this. The Lead Assessor working for the same organisation has a greater opportunity to review the standard throughout the year.

Lead Assessors are asked to provide evidence of Peer Assessment at the Annual Verification Visit. Each Assessor should be Peer Assessed at least twice in a 12 month period. The purpose of this Bulletin is to explain how to carry out a Peer Assessment and how to provide the required evidence at the Annual Verification Visit.

How to Carry out a Peer Assessment
- In order to carry out a Peer Assessment, you need at least two Assessors and one Candidate.
- Where a Centre has more than two Assessors, you may decide to carry out the Peer Assessment as a group activity, in the same way the Annual Verification Visit is done.
- Although the Lead Assessor is responsible for providing evidence of Peer Assessment; Peer Assessments can be delegated and conducted by other Assessors within the Assessment Team.
- The two (or more) Assessors must score the Assessment with the Assessment Criteria and Marking Sheet.
- The Candidate must have been trained and be assessment ready (The candidate can be unlicensed/certificated; however Assessors must confer before giving the result if the Assessment has not been stopped.
- The Assessor and Candidate will carry out the Assessment as normal with the Lead Assessor (or fellow Assessor) observing.
- Assessor to give Candidate result and feedback following Assessment.
- Lead Assessor (or fellow Assessor) to discuss result and feedback with Assessor
How to provide evidence of Peer Assessment
- At least two Marking Sheets for the same Assessment (Candidate, Date, Time)
- Notes confirming any outcomes from the activity
A Marking Sheet with two signatures (Assessor and Lead Assessor) will not be accepted as evidence for Peer Assessment. Although it may evidence that that Lead Assessor or fellow Assessor was present at the Assessment, it would not highlight any discrepancies.
How to deal with discrepancies
Peer Assessment is a Standardisation activity.If in the event there is a difference of opinion, evidence of this should not be hidden from the Verifier. Our view is that the activity has helped to improve the standard and standardise Assessments. In that respect the team has achieved its objective.
- In the event there was discrepancy with the Peer Assessment, the discrepancy and the correct outcome should be shared with the Assessment Team.
- In the event a correct outcome cannot be agreed at the time of the Peer Assessment, then a discussion with the Assessment Team should be conducted and a correct outcome agreed.
- In the event the Assessment Team cannot agree to correct outcome, then the discrepancy can be discussed with your Verifier.Your Verifier can be contact at any time with queries.
Peer Assessment for Lone Assessors
In the event you are the only Assessor at a Centre, you cannot provide evidence of Peer Assessment and so you are exempt from this requirement. However if you would like to engage in a Peer Assessment activity, please speak to your Verifier. We can possibly arrange for you to meet with other Assessors from other Centres in your area.

If you have any questions concerning this Bulletin, please do not hesitate to speak to your Verifier.

Authorised by
Matt Dean
Verification Team Leader