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6. Expectations at Annual Audit - BICSc

Fri 24 Apr 2015 05:46:00 PM EEST

This Assessor Bulletin has been written in conjunction with the BICSc Approved Regulations and is designed to assist the Lead Assessor in their understanding of what is expected of them and their organisation at the BICSc Annual Audit.

At the BICSc Annual Audit, the Verification Support Coordinator (VSC) who is there to conduct the audit, shall have the intension to split the audit into three parts and will be reviewing evidence from each of the three parts:

- Observation of Assessment
- Supporting Documentation
- Quality Management Documentation
Below are the areas which an assessment centre will be expected to provide evidence of compliance. Failure to do may result in sanctions being implemented upon the organisation or individual assessors by the VSC:

Observation of Assessment
- The Lead Assessor must be present
- Ideally all assessors to be present; however an assessor missing from two consecutive annual audits will result in their Assessor Licence being suspended.
- Water supply and drainage was adequate (see Assessor Bulletin 2 for details)
- Power supply is adequate and protected and the provision of circuit breakers if required Sufficient safe, clean, colour coded equipment and machinery are available to the candidate
- Surfaces meet skill criteria for all training and assessments offered
- Colour coding and dilution charts displayed in all cleaning cupboards
- Risk Assessments/Safe Systems of Work available to candidate
- Chemical data sheets plus COSHH Assessments available to candidate (See Assessor Bulletin 1 for details)
- The training and assessment environment is fit for purpose, i.e. adequate temperature, free from unnecessary distractions etc.
- Each Licenced Assessor has an up to date Assessment Kit
- The chosen “candidate” was competent and had sufficient prior training on skills
- The chosen “candidate” was correctly briefed of the five principle criteria points
- The assessor or those observing did not assist the candidate during the assessment
- Feedback was provided to the candidate at the conclusion of the assessment
- Two assessments were completed with the Assessors’ outcome matching that of the VSC
Supporting Documentation
- Actions from the previous audit have been carried out
- Training Record Cards have been completed for all candidates and their skills
- Assessment Marking Sheets have been completed correctly and fully
- Copies of Candidate registration/Mandatory Unit Card request
- Copies of Candidate Certificate request
- Site Inspection Form completed (Roaming Assessors only)
- Each Assessor has requested a minimum of five certificates per annum
Quality Management Documentation
- Assessors’ continual professional development (CPD)
- Peer Assessments
- Minutes of Team and Standardisation Meetings
- Planned programme for training and assessment
- Health and Safety Policy available, displayed and the provision for review
- Equal Opportunities Policy available, displayed and the provision for review How the Equal Opportunity Policy has been applied to training and assessment
- Data Protection Policy available and has been implemented with regard to candidate records
- Company Appeals Policy available and the candidate is made aware of BICSc Appeals procedure
- Risk Assessments/Safe Systems of Work available and provision for review
- COSHH Assessments available available and prevision for review
- Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)
- Organisational Chart showing all those in the assessment team and their line manager/supervisor, for BICSc communication purposes only.
- Assessors’ skill certificates and BICSc Licence to Practice (or copies) to be made available
For an annual audit to be booked with the VSC, the organisation will be required to supply the BICSc Office with a Purchase Order covering the annual Centre/Hub and Assessor Licence fees. Details of charges will be supplied.

Once booking confirmation is supplied, can you please supply directions (if possible), details of car parking facilities or constraints on parking, together with necessary access to entry arrangements e.g. identification etc. Please be aware the VSC may have travelled a long distance and for a number of hours, therefore access to restroom facilities and refreshments will be welcomed.

Finally, in the unfortunate event your organisation is required to postpone the Annual Audit, please contact BICSc Office to make the necessary arrangements. Please be advised that BICSc has a Cancellation Policy and charges may apply.

Authorised by
Pat O’Mara
Head of Group Operations




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