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8. Cleaning Professional Skills Suite (CPSS) - BICSc

Fri 24 Apr 2015 05:48:00 PM EEST

Sunday 31st March 2013 will see the close of COPC (Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certificate), FPCC (Food Premises Cleaning Certificate) and HPCC (Healthcare Premises Cleaning Certificate) for all Accredited Training Organisations (ATO). These schemes have been reviewed, updated and replaced by CPSS which was launched in March 2011.

This Bulletin is to address some of the questions which Centres may have; however in the event you have a question which is not featured, please speak to your Verification Support Coordinator.

Q. Can I still certificate in COPC, FPCC and HPCC after 31.03.2013?
A. Where you still have candidates on programme (i.e. part way through a stage) you will be able to complete and request certificates. In each case, you will need to speak to your Verifier to advise when programme will be completed. Your Verifier will be asking for numbers and timescales. Your Verifier will advise the Customer Services team at BICSc.

Q. Do I need to go back and re-assess COPC certificated candidates in CPSS?
A. No. It would be considered best practice and beneficial to refresh the skills of your CleaningOperatives.

Q. How can I certificate in CPSS now that COPC, FPCC and HPCC have finished?
A. You will need to contact your Verifier who will make arrangements for your Centre to convert to CPSS.

Q. Is it too late to convert an ATO to CPSS?
A. No, please contact your Verifier who can make the necessary arrangements? We will require all ATOs to be converted by Sunday 30th June 2013. Verifiers are currently contacting all ATOs that are still certificating in COPC, FPCC and HPCC.

Q. Are my COPC, FPCC and HPCC certificates out of date?
A. Not if you are regularly using the tasks. If you have not been using the tasks, it is recommended that a person undertake refresher training and re-assessment. You would be required to complete the Mandatory Units from CPSS before moving onto the other skills.

Q. Are my COPC, FPCC and HPCC tasks transferrable?
A. Yes, for further details please speak to your Verifier. Please note some have tasks have been deleted due to Health and Safety reasons.

Q. Will I be able to assess in any Skill from CPSS?
A. No. You will be only able to train and assess in the Skills which you have. Your Verifier can advise you which Skills you are entitled to deliver.

Q. Can anyone request the BICSc Licence to Practice and CPSS Certificates?
A. No. Only assigned Licenced Assessors which are linked to an accredited ATO and have been converted to CPSS can make such requests.

Q. If candidate has recently achieved AA1 (Chemical Competency), AA2 (Machines, Safe Use and Care, AA3 (Safe Storage of Equipment), can the centre apply for a BICSc Licence to Practice?
A. No. Everyone will now be required to do the Mandatory Units from CPSS to achieve their BICSc Licence to Practice. The certificate will remain valid; however we would recommend that the candidate refresh those skills in a 3 year period using CPSS.

Q. If candidate has recently been assessed, but not certificated on AA1 (Chemical Competency), AA2 (Machines, Safe Use and Care, AA3 (Safe Storage of Equipment), can the centre apply for a BICSc Licence to Practice?
A. No. Everyone will now be required to be assessed on the Mandatory Units from CPSS to achieve their BICSc Licence to Practice.

Q. What should I do with my COPC, FPCC and HPCC Assessment kit?
A. We would encourage you to dispose of the Assessment Kit in line with your organisational Environmental policy.

Q. Will all the skill assessment cards be included in my CPSS Assessment kit?
A. No. The assessment kit will included Mandatory Unit and Core Skills assessment cards. Specialist Skill assessment cards are required to be purchased separately.

Q. Can I still request COPC, FPCC, HPCC replacement certificates for those that have been lost?
A. Yes. You will need to advise the BICSc Customer Service team of the Candidate Number, Name and Date of Birth. Please note there will be a charge for this service.

Q. Is the list of Skills in the CPSS complete?
A. BICSc is introducing a new range of Skills for Vehicle Valeting which will replace CVC (Car Valeting Certificate). The intention is to develop skill sets in other areas.

If you have any further questions please contact your Verifier:

Midlands, North and Scotland: Matt Dean -
South East and Northern Ireland: Steve Lyne –
South West: Lesley Parish –
International: Colin Hanks –

Authorised by
Pat O’Mara
Head of Group Operations




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