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Which Membership?

Individual Membership

  • Student Membership – free of charge for any individual undertaking a qualification relating to the cleaning industry.


  • PBICSc – For individuals who have undertaken their BICSc Licence to Practice and hold a valid card, we offer the first year of PBICSc Membership free of charge.


  • ABICSc – For individuals who hold a valid BICSc Licence to Practice and 5 or more skills from our Cleaning Professionals Skills Suite and have been in the industry for one or more years.


  • MBICSc – For individuals who hold or have previously held a BICSc Licence to Practice or hold 12 BICSc CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points and have been a manager or supervisor in the industry for five or more years.


  • LBICSc – For Licensed Assessors who hold a valid Licence to Practice, at least 7 more skills from our Cleaning Professionals Skills Suite, completed the Assessor Course and have been approved as an Assessor.


  • FBICSc – Fellow of BICSc, we may award this to individuals for exceptional service to the Institute, or to the industry as a whole.


Both the ABICSc and MBICSc grades require ongoing CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points to be evidenced at renewal stage annually, please see the BICSc CPD Point Framework here.

Our Individual Membership allows you to gain recognition for your skills and the support you need to develop your career in the cleaning industry.

Membership Costs

Membership Grade Annual Membership Fee including VAT
Student £0
PBICSc (after first year) £12
ABICSc £53
MBICSc £63

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is available for any company to purchase who has been trading for 12 months, enabling them to utilise the benefits BICSc offers and also to show their support for our values and mission statement.

  • We offer a more cost effective 3-year membership deal as well as the annual membership.
  • We have an Advocate of BICSc membership, for businesses not in the cleaning industry but would like to support the aims of the Institute.
  • We also offer a grade to appeal to Franchisers and Franchisees.

Membership Costs

Membership Joining Fee Membership Fee including VAT
Corporate Membership: £250,000 or under £100 £298
Corporate Membership: £250,000 or under (3 year) £100 £745
Corporate Membership: £250,001 – £1,000,000 £100 £506
Corporate Membership: £250,001 – £1,000,000 (3 year) £100 £1,265
Corporate Membership: £1,000,001 – £5,000,000 £200 £960
Corporate Membership: £1,000,001 – £5,000,000 (3 year) £200 £2,400
Corporate Membership: £5,000,001 – £20,000,000 £200 £1,515
Corporate Membership: £5,000,001 – £20,000,000 (3 year) £200 £3,787.50
Corporate Membership: £20,000,000 + £200 £2,626
Corporate Membership: £20,000,000 + (3 year) £200 £6,565
Advocate of BICSc (1 year) N/A £750
Advocate of BICSc (3 year) N/A £2,000
Franchiser Membership (1 year) N/A £700
Franchisee Membership (1 year) N/A £298

Accredited Training Membership

Accredited Training Membership is available for any of our Accredited Training Organisations (ATO). ATOs can now take advantage of all of the benefits of being a BICSc member while demonstrating their commitment to BICSc accredited training under one membership.

  • Pay just one fee to become an Accredited Training Organisation and BICSc member.
  • There are different levels of membership depending on whether your ATO is Static or Roaming and how may Assessors are licensed to your ATO.


To apply for ATM membership, your organisation must meet the requirements for becoming an ATO.


What is an ATO?

An Accredited Training Organisation is a company who employs BICSc Approved Assessors, who can assess and award members of staff certification in skills from the Cleaning Professional’s Skills Suite.


What is the difference between Static and Roaming?

A Static ATO means that assessments always have to be carried out at one same location. Whereas a Roaming ATO means that the assessments can take place across multiple sites.


What do you need to do to become an ATO?

You will need to meet specific site and equipment requirements which will be approved by one of our BICSc Verifiers.


What is the ongoing requirement of an ATO?

An annual audit visit is for the ATO’s Assessors and Trainers to evidence their compliance with the BICSc standard of accreditation over the previous 12 months. We also arrange a free of charge six-month interim liaison visit.

Accredited Training Membership Costs

As the costs are dependent on numerous factors, please contact for a specific quote for your organisation.