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Cashback referral reward


We hope you find your membership valuable and worthwhile and would like to recommend it to your friends, family and colleagues. We have introduced a cashback membership referral whereby if you refer BICSc Individual Membership to an individual and they successfully obtain this membership, we will reward you with £10 cashback. All you have to do is complete the section on the application form providing your name and membership number, and then as soon as the new membership is activated we will organise your £10 reward.

Terms and Conditions

    • The referral individual must hold a fully paid, current BICSc Individual Membership – this includes ABICSc, MBICSc and FBICSc graded members.
    • There is no limitation to how many people a BICSc Individual Member (ABICSc, MBICSc and FBICSc) can refer, it is unlimited.
    • The referral individual cannot be an Honorary member of the Institute.
    • The referral individual cannot be a PBICSc or LBICSc member of the Institute.
    • The referral individual cannot be a ‘Free Member’ or Corporate Member Representative.
    • The referral individual cannot be a staff member of BICSc.
    • The referral individual cannot be a member of BICSc Council.
    • The referral individual's name and membership number must be stated on the new applicant’s Individual Membership application form.
    • The referral individual must be aged 18 or over.
    • Cashback referral rewards will not be available for Corporate Memberships.
    • Cashback referral rewards will only be made when the applicant has passed the Review Panel, has made full payment for the new membership and this membership is activated.
    • If the applicant’s fees are subject to any discounts or promotions the cashback referral reward will not qualify.
    • The cashback referral reward will amount to £10.
    • Referral individuals agree to the collection, retention, usage and distribution of personal information in order to process and organise their cashback referral reward.
    • BICSc will contact the referral individual by email to organise the £10 cashback reward. The cashback referral reward will be made through a BACS transfer or by cheque.

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