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Biohazard Decontamination Cleaning 

We are pleased to announce that 'Biohazard Decontamination Cleaning' has now been added to the Cleaning Professional's Skills Suite (CPSS 2.0) as a Specialist unit. Best practice accredited training courses are now available for cleaning operatives across the UK following recent demand from the contract cleaning, HMPS, healthcare, care home, mental health and council industries. 

Whilst our popular course SU1 - Body fluids and sharp objects focuses on the clean up body spills (Eg. Vomit or nosebleeds etc), the SU2 Biohazard decontamination cleaning unit covers some of the more extreme and high risk activities that the cleaning operative may be involved with. Examples of these situations are listed on the SU2 Biohazard Decontamination page, click here to visit the page

Protecting cleaning operatives undertaking high risk activities

With high risk cleaning activities it is vital that sufficient support is provided to operatives to enable cleaning operatives to work safely, limiting the potential for harm not only to themselves, but also to others that may be using the cleaned facility.

Accredited skills training can protect the cleaning operative from contracting devastating diseases like avian flu, A/H1N1, swine flu, MRSA, c.difficile, listeria, paeruginosa, e-coli, s.sureas, enterococcus hirea, bacillus subtillis, asperigilus niger, salmonella and legionella pneumophilia just to name a few!

Bearing the potential hazards in mind, its alarming to think that there are employers who continue to neglect to provide their cleaning operatives with the proper education and standardised skills training that they require to perform their duties safely.

Responsible organisations that look after their cleaning operative's needs, not only fulfil their corporate social responsibility quota for their staff, but also protect themselves legally in the event of an unfortunate incident or accident occurring. Thankfully we know that this is high on the agendas of those that undertake BICSc training and we hold the upmost respect for organisations that responsibly put their staff's safety high on their agenda.

The BICSc Standard

The written standard covers all aspects from health, safety, hygiene and professionalism, right through to best practice. It takes into account the different environments that this occurs in. With the correct knowledge and procedures, operatives will be able to assess the situation and be confident in their decisions regarding all aspects of the procedure from beginning to end.

To find out more about SU2 Biohazard Decontamination Cleaning please use the contact BBS (BICS Business Services) on +44 (0) 1604 678 712 alternatively email using

Click here to visit the biohazard decontamination page!




I am working as a soft services manager in cleanco,Abu dhabi.I would like to have traing from bics.please guide me in this regard

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