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Why Training to BICSc Standards Remain Best Practice for the Cleaning Industry

A trusted and experienced awarding body

The British Institute of Cleaning Science is an awarding body that has been at the forefront of the cleaning industry for over 53 years. Our contributions over this period are highly regarded by the cleaning profession and we remain one of the most trusted and recognisable institutions in the cleaning industry today. 

Brought to you by cleaning industry experts

Our Standards combine expert knowledge from a number of highly regarded Cleaning Industry Experts. Across the board, these individuals champion an exceptional level of both knowledge and experience across a variety of cleaning industry sectors.

It is because of this level of expertise and our effective delivery that our clients know that we not only offer education about cleaning practice, but 'Best Practice’ for the Cleaning Industry.

A requirement for employers

Our research shows that BICSc qualifications are seen as preferential when applying for many professional cleaning based roles. In some cases, qualifications are even seen as a mandatory requirement for applicants. BICSc qualifications are also invaluable for organisation's involved with tendering for cleaning contract. In many cases, having BICSc trained staff can be the decision maker between winning a cleaning contract and not winning a cleaning contract.

A hands on approach to training

Whilst online training can be useful for theory based learning (we base our infection control e-learning courses on technical information) we understand that practical, cleaning skills require a 'Hands on Approach', which can involve getting your hands dirty. Our training is no different. Our highly regarded accredited training courses provoke extremely positive feedback and reviews due to our practical 'tell- show - do' approach to training.


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