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UAE-based total FM company doubles number of assessors accredited by British Institute of Cleaning Science - now 90% of its cleaning services comply with international standard

UAE-based total facilities management company Farnek has revealed that it has doubled the number of assessors which are now accredited by BICSc (The British Institute of Cleaning Science), from four to eight.

Furthermore the additional training will also enable Farnek to upgrade its skill sets and it will be able to comply with more of the 90 individual cleaning standards that BICSc train and assesses.

"Previously we had complied with all of the basic requirements under the BICSc programme. With this upgrade we will now cover up to 90% of all duties carried out by our cleaning division," said Markus Oberlin, CEO, Farnek

"Building owners and managers are also becoming more aware of international best practice and conscious of the standards of cleanliness, hygiene and indeed sustainability demanded by their own stakeholders. The upgraded BICSc accreditation underscores our quality promise," added Oberlin.

The overall objective of BICSc is to provide a safe and clean environment, promote sustainability, to preserve assets and further improve staff retention (read BICSc's mission statement here). The additional certification confirms, through independent third party verification that Farnek's management systems and service procedures are constantly updated, ensuring any market proposition meets with the highest quality of cleanliness according to the latest international standards.

The process to attain its original accreditation, started last year, when initially four of Farnek's project managers, received intensive training from BICSc. Then subsequently, over a two-day assessment, the same team demonstrated both in theory and practically their understanding of the quality standards required and their technical ability to carry them out.

An added benefit that Swiss-owned Farnek enjoys, is its own dedicated training facility located in its 2,500 square metre office building in the Al Quoz area of Dubai. The state-of-the-art training centre, is purpose-built to train employees to clean different areas and surfaces effectively and efficiently.

The centre features an elevator, bathroom, kitchen, office space, a lobby, a staircase, glass partitions, a medical area and a bathroom. The walls and the floor are partially covered in a variety of materials such as carpet, rubber, linoleum, slate, marble, wood and ceramic tiles. Cleaners can benefit from one-on-one or group sessions.

"Our training academy allows us to conduct practical sessions in one location and we can address specifics that they may encounter during their day-to-day routine. Of course the clients benefit as well, BICSc trained cleaneing operatives are both competent and confident, able to solve operational challenges on site directly, with minimum supervision," remarked Oberlin.

"The development work that Farnek has undertaken in the designing and building of a purpose built cleaning training centre is absolutely excellent and has been done to the highest standard. This has resulted in one of the best centres in the U.A.E. and will better support site operations and customer expectations", said Colin Hanks, BICS Interantional General manager.

Farnek has always pushed industry boundaries. It was also an early adopter in colour-coded cleaning systems, (visual identity is perfect for multi-lingual workforces) which only use environmentally friendly chemicals and dedicated coloured cloths which are dedicated to certain areas, avoiding cross-contamination from floor to work services and bathrooms to kitchens.

About Farnek

Farnek is one of the region's foremost property and facilities management outsource companies. With a skilled workforce of more than 1,500 people, Farnek has offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and maintains over 1,000 properties alone on behalf of many international and regional companies.

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