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Industry Certification Experts (I.C.E)

As the UK cleaning industry becomes more professionalised, standards of service are just as important as cost when it comes to tendering. Because of this companies who can set themselves apart from competitors in service delivery gain a distinct advantage.

The arrival of the Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) from the USA, gives cleaning companies in the UK the chance to do just that, it provides a way to clearly demonstrate a commitment to delivering quality. In the United States of America the Standard proved so successful that now many large organisations, including government entities, will only award cleaning contracts to CIMS accredited companies.

CIMS is being rolled out in the UK by BICS Business Services; they have set up a number of workshops around the UK to give people an insight into CIMS.

The most recent workshop took place in April, this included professionals from facilities management, asset managers, healthcare, contract cleaning providers, training and consultancy backgrounds.

These one-day workshops are called I.C.E because they give attendees the chance to become Industry Certification Experts (I.C.E) by taking an examination on the day.

The idea behind the I.C.E workshops is to start companies on a pathway to CIMS, by offering coaching and advice on some of the business elements contained in the Standard.

The great thing about becoming an I.C.E is that it equips people with the tools they need to provide their own companies, or those of their clients, with real-life solutions. One of the most important functions of the I.C.E workshops is to highlight the changes in working practices that may be required to achieve CIMS Accreditation. The workshops teach people how to perform a GAP analysis on a business, which is the first stage on the road to become CIMS accredited.

The GAP analysis will focus on some of the most important aspects of the business such as; health and safety, resources, recruitment, internal communication, invoicing, disaster planning, and of course, the cleaning operation.

The I.C.E workshops prepare people specifically for this management/administration element of the standard; anyone contemplating taking the full CIMS accreditation is strongly advised to attend one. Becoming CIMS accredited can prove invaluable for cleaning companies, as it gives badge holders considerable leverage in the market place.

It’s a way of demonstrating to the big companies that your firm is robust, credible, reliable, and gives them that extra reassurance which can make all the difference in the tendering process.

I.C.E workshops are the starting point for CIMS and are open to cleaning organisations interested in certifying to CIMS, but also for product manufacturers and consultancy firms looking to help their customers to certify.

The next I.C.E workshop is in York on November 4th, if you’re thinking of becoming CIMS certified or even if you want to expand your knowledge by becoming an Industry Certification Expert (I.C.E) then full details and booking information can be found here Spaces are limited so please do book early.



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