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The BICSc champion at University of Sussex Hamid Ghadry just keeps on going! With his relentless thirst for knowledge, it appears that he is the first person in the country to have undertaken all of the updated CPSS 2.0 skills since it’s recent upgrade (with the exception of the new skill SU2 - Biohazard Decontamination Cleaning). The intention now is to embed the new skill set within the service offered to the university and up skill the workforce at the establishment.

Hamid engaged an intensive training week with Environmental Excellence Education and ploughed through a number of cleaning skills bringing his total achievements to date to 41 skills. Delia Cannings commented “I have worked with Hamid for many years providing courses ranging from cleaning science and environmental awareness to leadership and management. You will not find a more determined, focussed, articulate and professional industry representative. Hamid is a man of colossal integrity, phenomenal will power and an insatiable appetite for learning”.

Hamid is a qualified BICSc Licenced Assessor with many qualifications and has led many successful teams. Such is Hamid's thirst for knowledge that he was recently successful in being awarded a John Butler Memorial fund scholarship in 'Cleaning Management' with Northampton University. He also supported several of his team members to apply for the scholarship programme and they too were successful in securing places.

This is fantastic achievement and really pays testimony to his commitment to education and training within the cleaning industry. Good luck Hamid we are behind you every step of the day.

Sumbitted by Delia Cannings (Environment Excellence Education)



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