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Nottingham City Council Comments on BICSc Training received from 3ees - Education, Membership and training within the cleaning industry | BICSc


Assistant Operations Manager at Nottingham City Council, Lisa Raynor commented on the BICSc training she received from 3ees Delia Cannings.

'The team and I had a fantastic time and their confidence and ideas are growing by the minute (yes even Kev’s). We would like to thank yourself and Bernie for your patience, help and support. It has restored all our faith in training courses. We are all keen to continue with future training and development. I certainly got a lot out of it, as I really knew nothing about the cleaning part of my new role. I now feel confident that I will more than succeed in the new expectation/responsibility placed upon the team and myself. The training has certainly given me food for thought on my future career development and given me the motivation and confidence to look at the career paths that could open up.It was great to meet you all and your team. We were made to feel really welcome. Hopefully we will see you in the near future, either for further training or at one of the catch up events. We will keep in touch and let you know how we progress.'

Lisa Raynor

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