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Northern Ireland AGM Results

Minutes of BICS (N. Ireland Region) AGM 18th April 2016

In attendance

Michael Henderson MBE, FBICS, Mervyn Perry MBICSc, Keith Halliday MBICSc, Clare Getty MBICSc, Kathleen Skillen MBICSc, Nigel Magowan MBICSc, Colm McGrath MBICSc. Emmet Brennan MBICSc, Robert Williamson MBICSc, William Carey MBICSc.

Apologies:- Gary Keenan MBE FBICSc, John Geraghty MBICSc.



Vice Chair, welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked everyone for their attendance. The meeting started with Colm asking all present to give a brief introduction of themselves and the company they represent.


Minutes of previous AGM

Mervyn Perry read out the minutes of the previous AGM and Michael Henderson proposed that they were a true record and this was seconded by Keith Halliday


Chairman’s report

No Report Available


Secretary’s report

Mervyn Perry read out the following secretary’s report… Once again the main committee work was the successful Cleaning Operative of the year awards. There were an increased number of entries into the six categories with the following winners:

Manufacturing – Kevin Brolly, Noonan

Health – David Courtney, QUB

Office – Anne Marie Martin, Aramark

Retail – Mary Harper, Robinson

Hospitality – Heidi Sanders, The Culloden

Education – Diane McAuley, Robinson

Cleaning Operative of the Year 2015 [Trophy Winner] was Kevin Brolly

I would like to thank the chair, Treasurer and fellow committee members for all their hard work in making last year’s awards a success, Last year was a very demanding one for everyone within the industry and those who give up their time freely to promote our industry should be congratulated.

I have been a member of the committee for over 15 years, and it has been an honour to have served the industry I love. Someone said to me once that if you find a job you love, a job you would do for nothing, then you will never work a day in your life, I found that job 35 years ago so must be the laziest cleaner in the world!.

Due to other commitments I am planning to step down from BICSc this year; but will always be proud to be a cleaner and to be a member of BICSc.

My love of training and developing people to have a worthwhile career in our industry remains very high and I will be committed to my work in the education sector.

I would like to wish the new committee every success in the coming year.

Gary Keenan


Treasurer’s report

The transfer of our N.I. regional funds to head office where the accounts are to be situated has transpired. BICSc Head Office is now compliant with the auditors and all monies are administered through the accounts dept at H/O.

The treasurer is delighted to report that all balances from our regional funds are up to date and that all payments in respect of the 2015 Cleaning Operative Awards have been paid and that full sponsorship monies have been received also.

May I take this opportunity to thank again all of our sponsors…Consumable Products, Bunzl/McLaughlin, Zenith Hygiene, Carey Floorcare, Kimberly Clark & BICSc N.I for their commitment to the awards and I trust we can rely on their support once again for the eagerly awaited 2016 awards.


Matters arising

Michael Henderson asked for thanks to be recorded to GK for his secretarial work over the past year. Keith Halliday then asked that a record be kept at a local level of the incoming/outgoings in relation to all monies transferred to HO. MP assured KH that this would indeed be the case and that a current balance for the N.I. account will be requested from H/O. The refurbished Chairman’s chain of Office was now been returned and was available for all to see.


Election of officers

Colm McGrath declared all offices as vacant and invited Michael Henderson from Zenith Hygiene Systems to take the chair and preside over the Election of Officers, Michael gladly accepted and the meeting continued…



Michael informed the floor that the current chairman John Geraghty was currently not in a position to carry on as Chair for the incoming year due to his very demanding work load.

John has indicated that he would like to resume the role as chair person at a later date. It was pointed out that this would not be allowed for in our constitution and that John would need to be re-elected following due process.

As in our constitution the Vice Chair elect Mr Colm McGrath was proposed as Chairman by Nigel McGowan and this proposal was seconded by Robert Williamson, no other nominations were received and Colm was elected as Chairman and ratified by all present for the incoming two year period.


Vice Chair

A proposal for Keith Halliday to be elected as Vice Chair was made by Nigel McGowan and Colm McGrath seconded the motion, as no other names where put forward KH was elected.



Kathleen Skillen proposed Mervyn Perry as Secretary and this was seconded by Nigel McGowan. No other nominations were put forward so MP was elected.



Colm McGrath proposed Mervyn Perry as treasurer and Nigel McGowan seconded. Again this was unopposed, so MP was elected.


PR Officer

Mervyn Perry proposed Michael Henderson as PR officer and Colm McGrath seconded this. No other nominations were put forward for office bearers.

Michael Henderson then proposed that the others in the outgoing committee were re-elected en masse with the exception of Elsa Witherspoon who wished to step down, this was seconded by Nigel Magowan. There were no objections.

At this stage, Clare Getty was co-opted to sit on as a subcommittee member the proposal was made by Colm McGrath and promptly seconded by NMcG. After no further nominations MP thanked Michael for his assistance with the election of officers Colm McGrath was invited to take his post as chair at the front of the room.


The Committee for 2016 are as follows:

Chairman – Colm McGrath

Vice Chairman – Keith Halliday

Treasurer – Mervyn Perry

Secretary – Mervyn Perry

Public Relations Officer – Michael Henderson

Other Committee members – Kathleen Skillen, Paula Cahoon, Eilish Doherty, Elsa Witherspoon, Jonny Drake, Nigel Magowan, Anne McKee.


Date of next meeting

Thursday 26th May 2016 @ Crumlin Road Jail, Time 3pm

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