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Live online events

Learn online through an in-depth and fully comprehensive presentation, followed by a virtual demonstration. A practical online or face to face assessment is required. The candidate assessments will take place on a different day remotely via Microsoft Teams/ WhatsApp. Please allow a maximum of 2 hours for the assessment. PLEASE ENSURE YOU HAVE CHECKED THE ASSESSMENT REQUIREMENTS PRIOR TO BOOKING.

  • 29
    2 hours, Fri 9:15 AM GMT - Fri 11:15 AM GMT
    • £83.33 excl. VAT
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  • 08
    2 hours, Mon 3:00 PM GMT - Mon 5:00 PM GMT
    • £83.33 excl. VAT
  • 23
    2 hours, Tue 9:00 AM GMT - Tue 11:00 AM GMT
    • £83.33 excl. VAT
  • 10
    2 hours, Wed 9:15 AM GMT - Wed 11:15 AM GMT
    • £83.33 excl. VAT
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BICSc Licence to Practice (LTP)

Who would benefit from this training?

• Any operators in the cleaning industry


What are the training aims?

• Understanding of cleaning operations health and safety

• Understanding COSHH

• Understanding Dynamic Risk Assessment

• Understanding electrical safety

• Safe use and care of equipment

• Importance of correct dilution

• Cleaning store housekeeping

Licence to Practice is the first steps into the Cleaning Professional’s Skills Suite (CPSS). It provides the key information for an operative’s health and safety and teaches best practice methodologies. This should be the minimum standard operatives are trained to.

 What is the duration of the training?

• The training will take 3 hours


Useful Information

• The course takes the form of a presentation, demonstrations and candidate assessment at a later date bookable through BBS

• Handouts and further information are supplied for enhanced knowledge

• Successful candidates receive an LTP card