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Specialist Workshop

About the workshop

This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and practical training on how to deep clean flooring.

Workshop aims

  • For candidates to understand flooring types.


  • To provide knowledge on the periodic treatments suitable for floors.


  • Practical training to deep clean and reseal a floor.

Who is the workshop for?

  • Candidates should already be proficient with floor machines to take part in this course.


  • Attendees will gain hands-on experience of deep cleaning a floor.


  • Candidates will participate in a range of periodic techniques suitable for floors.

Method of study

PowerPoint presentation with practical demonstrations.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this workshop candidates will be able to:


  • Identify common issues faced with the periodic cleaning of floors.


  • Strip and reseal a floor.


  • Have a basic understanding of the deep cleaning methods suitable for floors.


Candidates on completion of the workshop receive a certificate for achievement of Level Two and be awarded Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points.


Course dates:

Dates To Be Confirmed


Next steps:

For more dates or to discuss on-site training at your premises please contact:
BBS on +44 (0)1604 678712 or email