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Time to Move On & Up

The words Docere Pugare will be familiar to you, these Latin words have been part of the BICSc Logo since 1961. In English it simply means “To Teach to Clean”, which of course is what we do best.

From our Licence to Practice course, skills and Assessor training to our all new Cleanlogic™ Courses & Workshops, we are successfully teaching people to clean and creating careers in cleaning along the way.

2018 is proving to be one of our busiest and most successful years yet, with training taking place nearly every day at BICSc HQ, it has become apparent that we need to expand into larger premises where we can continue to offer world class industry training.  This increase in trading activity is in no small part due to the popularity of Cleanlogic™ training products.

Since 2016 BICS Business Services has delivered training at BICSc HQ, as the demand for BICSc accredited training grows we are now bursting at the seams. Premier Court in Northampton has been a good home for the Institute however we MUST move with the times and allow BICSc and BBS to grow so we can meet the industry demand for our training. What does all of this mean you may be asking?

BICSc has for many years called Northampton home, moving into Number 9 Premier Court in 2003, a relatively small 2 storey building in Moulton Park. It’s hard to believe now that at the time the headcount was approximately 9 with a Council of circa 15, today we have a headcount of 21 and BICSc Council consists of 9.

As you may know BICSc Council must ratify all major Institute decisions. In 2008 the appending property (Number 8) came up for sale, seeing an opportunity for growth Stan Atkins, Group CEO, put the idea of purchasing the next-door property to BICSc Council, there were serious deliberations and consideration around such a huge decision, but it paid off – Council voted and agreed on the acquisition of an additional property and Number 8 was purchased in 2009.

This year we took the decision to deliver a larger majority of our training in-house, we have a strong technical team, and we are planning for the future and protecting our brand, meaning we will continue “to Teach to Clean” and Create Careers In Cleaning. To allow us to continue to grow we have taken the decision to put both 8 & 9 Premier Court on the market.

Due to its position in central England and that BICSc has built a first class team, we will be staying in Northampton, for both the convenience of the location and especially to maintain our current staff members. We are at the moment considering various options, one being that we move to larger premises that will be able to house the office team and a larger training facility, one team under one roof would be the preference of course. We will however also consider a building that will become a BICSc training centre, with the team based in a separate office in Northampton.

We are very excited about the future and trust that the move will not only bring us the ability to continue to offer the very best in industry training, it will also add value to our brand perception and of course maintain and enhance employee morale. This is an exciting time, all we can say is watch this space!

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#Creating a Career in Cleaning

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