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Training Bundles

A flexible approach to BICSc training


For as little as £300 per month, you can ensure your organisation is on the right path to improving the quality of its cleaning standards.

Training bundles allow you to purchase a set number of training days at a reduced rate.

Take a look at our options below to choose the products and price structure which best meets your business requirements.

Great for small businesses or low training requirements

Member price: £300 per month

Non-member price: £315 per month

Great for medium sized businesses or average training requirements

Member price: £525 per month

Non-member price: £575 per month

Great for larger businesses or high training requirements

Member price: £675 per month

Non-member price: £775 per month

All prices are plus VAT

These options are based on training that is delivered at our Northampton Training Suite. Training Specialists can also deliver training at your site (additional costs apply).

What's included?

With a training bundle you can combine skills from the Cleaning Professional’s Skills Suite, which includes our Licence to Practice qualification, you can also add Courses and Workshops from our Cleanlogic™ range. Combining our training, will provide you with the foundation and specialised skills that are relevant to your organisation.

Does this work for my sector?

No matter what sector you operate in, there are a variety of bundle options available for your business. For example:

Cleaning Service Provider

Licence to Practice
AU11 Cleaning telephones
BU3 Vacuum cleaning
BU6 Damp wiping surfaces
BU12 Cleaning toilet facilities
Cleanlogic™ Principles of Health & Safety

Healthcare Sector

Licence to Practice
AU12 Multi bucket floor mopping
BU12 Cleaning toilet facilities
SU1 Bodily fluids and sharp objects
(hard surfaces)
SU2 Bio-hazard decontamination cleaning
(hard surfaces)
Cleanlogic™ Control of Cross-Contamination

Hospitality Sector

Licence to Practice
AU5 Washing surfaces
AU7 Stain removal (carpet or soft furnishing)
BU7 Cleaning kitchen work surfaces (non-commercial)
BU12 Cleaning toilet facilities
Cleanlogic™ Training Package: Cleaning Inspection Levels 1 & 2

*Rules of Combination apply to Specialist Units, please refer to the Cleaning Professional’s Skills Suite for further details.


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