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About training

BICS Business Services (BBS) has been elevating the standards of the cleaning industry for over 50 years delivering BICSc accredited training to both individuals and organisations from a range of sectors.

Skills Training and Qualifications Include:

  • The Cleaning Professionals Skills Suite (CPSS) 2.0
  • The Licence to Practice Qualification (PBICSc)
  • Online E-learning Certification (e.g. Infection Control)
  • Car Valeting Training
  • On Premises Laundry Training
  • Train the Trainer Courses
  • Health and Safety Workshops

Click on the tabs below to learn more about the skills training we offer.

Mandatory units - The Licence to Practice (PBICSc skills)

The Mandatory Units are the foundation of our skills training. Every Cleaning Operative must complete the three Mandatory Units (known as the ‘Licence to Practice’) to understand the reasons and practicalities of safe working in the cleaning industry.

Base units (CBICSc skills)

Base units are the skills that cleaning operatives use on a daily basis. These units can be selected on their own following the Mandatory Units or combined with other units.

Additional units (CBICSc skills)

Additional units are skills that cleaning operatives will use frequently. These skills can be selected on their own following the Mandatory Units or combined with other skills.

Specialist units (CBICSc skills)

Specialist units are skills that operatives need to perform occasionally or as circumstance dictates. These skills require rules of combination, to ensure you have the foundation knowledge required before moving on to more specialist units.

We can deliver training on your site, at our BBS Training Centre or with one of our Associate Training Providers, located across the UK.