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Work Rates and Work Loading Workshop

This one day workshop has been specially designed to give you an understanding of building plans, cleaning specifications and productivity rates. This workshop will also provide a helpful understanding of how many hours are required to clean a building.

About the workshop

  • To provide a working knowledge of building plans and how to read them
  • An introduction to understanding different types of cleaning specifications
  • Standardised productivity rates for different building types
  • Variables that commonly affect productivity
  • Supervision options
  • How to benchmark your buildings with regard to Work Rates

Workshop aims

  • To provide an understanding of the hours required to clean a building and what can affect this
  • It provides good under pinning knowledge on how differing factors can affect the hours required
  • A calculation spreadsheet will be provided on USB for candidates to take away with them

Who is the workshop for?

  • Ideal for people who need to understand how the hours to clean a building are calculated

Method of study

  • A Powerpoint presentation covering the theory of the course
  • Candidates will work through practical sessions developing their understanding of each section and helping them to develop a benchmark standard for their portfolio

Learning outcomes

On completion of this workshop candidates will be able to:

  • Read building plans and check whether they are to scale
  • Determine fair division of the cleaning hours for the building
  • Understand the different types of specification and their effects on the hours required to clean the building
  • Handouts and USB to be available for all the candidates


  • The candidate will be issued with a certificate of attendance upon completion of the workshop


We currently have the following dates available to book onto the Work Rates & Work Loading Workshop and Calculating & Costing Workshop Package, which will take place at the BBS Training Centre in Northampton.

2020 Course dates:


Our Cleanlogic™ Calculating & Costing Workshop is available, please click here to see more details.

For more dates or to discuss onsite training at your premises please contact: BBS on +44 (0)1604 678712 or email