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Independent Cleaning Quality Inspections

Our Independent Cleaning Quality Inspections (i-CQI) are an additional service offered by BICSc and are designed to ensure an organisation is receiving a high-quality standard of cleaning service.

BICSc is currently the only organisation with licensed inspectors to carry out an i-CQI, and we are now able to offer this service to our customers and Corporate Members.

Please note this is not a training course but an additional service to inspect the quality of cleaning services.

An i-CQI is a great way to assure your customers of the quality of your cleaning operations making your business stand out from the competition as well as adding value to your tender documents.

Our handy booklet covers everything you need to know including what an i-CQI is for, the information you need to complete it, how an i-CQI is assessed and much more.


Read our guide to Independent Cleaning Quality Inspections