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Technical Support BUndles

Training and Technical Support Bundles

Training and Technical Support Bundles offer a flexible approach to gaining BICSc accredited training and technical guidance in the cleaning industry

For as little as £300 per month you can ensure your organisation is on the right path to improving the quality of its cleaning standards.

The bundles allow you to purchase a set number of training or technical support days for a reduced rate. Take a look at our options below to choose the products and price structure which best meets your business requirements.


6 Days

Over 12 months.

Great for small businesses or low training requirements.

Member price: £300 per month
Non-member price: £315 per month


12 Days

Over 12 months.

Great for medium sized businesses or average training requirements.

Member price: £525 per month
Non-member price: £578 per month


18 Days

Over 12 months.

Great for larger businesses or high training requirements.

Member price: £675 per month
Non-member price: £776 per month

What Can This Include?

Training Days

Training days

Train your staff in cleaning skills from our industry recognised skills set (CPSS 2.0). Try our Licence to Practice days to gain the foundation skills in cleaning or add specialised skills that are relevant to your organisation.

Technical Support

Technical support

Our industry experts can come to you to help with industry processes.



Independent Cleaning Quality Inspections at your locations to assess the quality of your cleaning operation. *You must be a corporate member.

Health & Safety

Health and safety compliance on BICSc criteria

Ensure all health and safety elements of your cleaning operation are of BICSc standard.

Training Room Set Up

Training room set up

We can guide you on the best methods of setting up your training rooms to ensure a high-quality platform to conduct your training.

Train the trainer

Train the Trainer

We can train your staff to become qualified trainers and help you get the most out of your training set up.

On Premises Laundry

On Premises Laundry

If you conduct laundry cleaning on site then we can train your staff to ensure the processes are of the highest standard.

Car Valeting

Car Valeting

If you have a fleet of cars we can train your staff in car valeting.

Examples of bundles for your sector

No matter what sector you operate in, there are a variety of bundle options available for your business. The below examples can be tailored to fit your specific requirements.

Cleaning Service Provider

  • Mandatory Units (Licence to Practice)
  • Train the Trainer
  • Car Valeting

Healthcare Sector

  • SU2 Biohazard decontamination cleaning
  • SU1 Body fluids and sharp objects
  • i-CQI
  • On Premises Laundry

Hospitality Sector

  • Infection control
  • BU7 Cleaning kitchen work surfaces
  • AU5 Washing surfaces
  • Technical support
Contact Us

Contact Us

To find out more or to discuss your requirements in more detail please contact:
BBS on +44 (0)1604 678712 or email

Payment Options

Payment Options

You have the option to pay by direct debit allowing you to spread the cost over a 12 month period.

Alternatively, you can raise a purchase order for the full amount of the chosen bundle to pay as you use your training and technical support days. All full upfront payments will receive a 5% discount.