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The Chairman’s Note

Denise Hanson LBICSc

Welcome to the BICSc website and thank you for taking the time to read the Chairman’s note. I am honoured in my appointment to BICSc Chair and hope to reward the trust that has been placed in me by the members of the Institute.


BICSc for me is a cornerstone of the Cleaning Industry providing an internationally recognised qualification for members of a profession that does not receive the recognition it deserves. Our Industry affects every aspect of people’s lives, if you catch a bus or train to work it will have been cleaned, your workplace, school or college will have been cleaned, the shops where you purchase groceries will have been cleaned, the doctors, dentists or hospital will have been cleaned and if BICSc training and accreditation has been carried out they’ll have been cleaned efficiently and effectively. Even with all these vital roles to be carried out few school leavers will express the desire to aspire to become a great Cleaning Operative.


Cleaning seems to be the Industry that people fall into, often as a stop gap that then becomes a career. We have a vital role to play, and I would ask all members of the Support Services Industry to have pride in that role and to promote that our industry is a profession.

BICSc offers recognition of the skills the Cleaning Industry requires with its practical, demonstrable method of assessment. BICSc can be provided to all Cleaning Operatives regardless of language and literacy issues providing valuable explanation and understanding of Health and Safety and good practice for the Cleaning Operative, the Customers they serve and the Public who use the buildings they clean. BICSc can provide a career path, allowing people to develop their skills and progress in the Industry.


I look forward to promoting and expanding the range that BICSc can offer over the next two years so that we can meet the expectations of the Industry and enhance the careers of our members; I hope that you will come with me on the journey.


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