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The Council

The BICSc Council currently consists of eight members and one advisor to Council, who is not entitled to vote. Elections are for a three-year term.

From September 2018 BICSc Council will be made up of 4 Corporate Representatives and 5 Individual members, the position of Chairman and Deputy Chairman remains.

Corporate Election Update 12th July 2018

Earlier this year we received a large number of expressions of interest from our Corporate Members who wished to join BICSc Council.

Due to the high volume of interest expressed at the time it was our expectation that we would go ahead with a full election and ballot.

As stage two of the process was for those who had expressed an interest to submit their nominations it has transpired that just four of the candidates actually meet the strict criteria to become a member of BICSc Council.

What does this mean?

If we had of received more than four nominations from the Corporate Members who met the strict criteria we would have proceeded to the next stage and electronic ballot papers would have been issued on the 16th July 2018.

As there are only four Corporate seats available on BICSc Council from September and just four of the candidates meet the criteria it is not necessary to issue ballot papers as by default the four seats are taken for the next term of office, which will commence in September.

The names of the successful candidates will be announced on the 27th September 2018. The successful candidates will be notified prior to the AGM to ensure they are able to accept the position.




Click on the council member to read more about them and their involvement with the Institute:

Sue Robinson FBICSc

National Chairman

Lorraine Davis MBICSc

Deputy Chairman

Soo Bartholomew MBICSc

Council Member

Chris Ryan MBICSc

Council Member

Brian High MBICSc

Council Member

Lynn Webster FBICSc

Council Member

Melanie Richardson MBICSc

Corporate Representative

Meryvn Perry MBICSc

Council Member

Mary Schramm FBICSc

Advisor to Council

Andrew Ingham LBICSc

Corporate Representative