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Accredited Training Membership

Are you considering becoming an Accredited Training Member? 

Self-accredit BICSc training whilst receiving all of the membership benefits.

What is an Accredited Training Membership (ATM)?

Our Accredited Training Membership shows your commitment to professional standards and allows you to provide accredited training to your employees through your own BICSc Licensed Assessors (LBICSc).

Organisations will become BICSc members whilst demonstrating their commitment to BICSc accredited training.

What are the next steps?

You will need to meet specific site and equipment requirements which will be approved by a BICSc Verifier.

You will need to appoint members of your team to be trained as BICSc Licensed Assessors (LBICSc) and/or Accredited Trainers. Following the training the selected candidates will be approved by a BICSc Verifier.

Upon completion you will become an Accredited Training Member (ATM). 

Can I operate from more than one location?

Yes, you can operate from a single or multiple locations. This is defined by whether you are a Static or Roaming ATM.

A Static ATM means that assessments always have to be carried out at the same location. Whereas a Roaming ATM means that the assessments can take place across multiple sites.

What else do I need to know?

Ongoing membership requires an annual audit. During the audit the ATM’s Assessors and Trainers are required to evidence their compliance with the BICSc standard of accreditation over the previous 12 months.

We can also arrange a free of charge six-month interim liaison visit should you require additional support.

Membership Costs

All Accredited Training Memberships are tailored to suit your organisation.

Costs vary on whether you choose to be Static or Roaming and how many Licensed Assessors (LBICSc) you choose to train.

Please contact us through the enquiry form or phone us on
+44 01604 678 712 for assistance.

Member Benefits

Exclusive Member Rates

Special Offers Through Our Partners

Ongoing Communication

Industry Updates

Access to BICSc Events

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