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About us

BICSc is the largest independent, professional and educational body within the cleaning industry, with over 45,000 Individual and Corporate Members. 

Our Mission

To raise the standards of education and to build awareness of the cleaning industry through professional standards and accredited training, thereby;

  • Protecting the Operative
  • Providing a Clean and Safe Environment
  • Preserving Assets
  • Promoting Sustainability
  • Producing Best Practice

What we do

Whether it’s technical support or industry recognition you’re looking for, BICSc Membership offers a range of must have benefits which will enhance your career and help to improve your organisation.
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BICSc Standards
Standards, across all professional disciplines originate from the knowledge, expertise and experience of industry experts. Often, they are used as a proficiency tested by examination through education or training that has been received. In our case it is a means to simplify an agreed way of delivering cleaning methodology.
BICSc is responsible for producing standards and educational frameworks, our accredited training is facilitated by the commercial training arm of the Institute – BICSc Training & Services.
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