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Our Training & Services

BICSc Training & Services is a leading training provider for the cleaning industry. BICSc accredited training is managed through BICSc Training & Services.

Our standards combine expert knowledge from highly regarded industry professionals allowing us to deliver accredited training and best practice to the industry.

What Training is Available?

How Can I Train?

Face to Face Training

Delivered at the BICSc Training Suite in Northampton, or on your site by a member of our training team.

Online Training

Log on to our virtual training suite and learn at your own pace.

Everything You Need To Know In One Place

Read about our training and what it offers in our training prospectus. 

Training Bundles

A flexible approach to BICSc training. Training bundles allow you to purchase a set number of training days at a reduced rate.

The BICSc Training Suite

  • BICSc Training Suite in Northampton
  • A growing selection of courses are deliverable online
  • Associate Training Provider’s training centres internationally
  • Training can be delivered in house or at your own site

View the BICSc Training Suite by clicking through the gallery. 

Specialist Industry Services

Outside of BICSc Membership and training, we also offer specialist services to the commercial cleaning sector.

If you are a cleaning services provider or contractor working with demanding clients, who want the best value for money, we can help you meet and exceed their expectations.

We understand the importance of providing high-quality cleaning services. Through collaboration, we can help you stand out from the crowd in today’s highly competitive marketplace.


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