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BICSc International

Supporting individuals and organisations within the cleaning industry across the globe.

International Membership and Training

Whether it’s membership or training you are looking for, we are able to provide the same to our international members as we do our UK members.

Using the links below you will be able to find out about what membership and training options we offer.

Membership Types

Individual Membership

Gain recognition for your skills and receive support to develop your career in the cleaning industry.

Corporate Membership

Utilise BICSc benefits and offers for your company whilst supporting the BICSc mission statement and values.

Accredited Training Membership

Self-accredit BICSc training whilst receiving all of the membership benefits.

Find organisations in your region who are Accredited Training Members. View the Accredited Training Membership (ATM) directory here.

The BICSc International Team are there to support you, for more information on Individual Membership, Corporate Membership and ATM setup contact us.


Licence to Practice

The first building block into the Cleaning Professional's Skills Suite (CPSS).

Skills Training

Over 40 skills to choose from, allowing you to build and tailor your core cleaning competencies to your role.

View All Training

Select the training that suits you and your role from our full selection of courses.


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