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Continuous Professional Development Points Form

You MUST complete ALL FIELDS where applicable

BICSc CPD Points
• ABICSc 12 month requirement = 6 BICSc CPD points.
• MBICSc 12 month requirement = 12 BICSc CPD points.
• Evidence must be provided the month before, month of, or month after membership renewal date.
• CPD points achieved outside of the activities listed in the table below will be considered but are subject to review.
BICSc CPSS Skills – Per Base Unit - 4 CPD Points
BICSc CPSS Skills – Per Additional Unit - 4 CPD Points
BICSc CPSS Skills – Per Specialist Unit - 6 CPD Points
BICSc CPSS Skills – Per Sector Specific Unit - 6 CPD Points
The BICSc Cleaning Supervisor's Certificate - 100 CPD Points
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