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Mr John Edwards

John Edwards peacefully passed away at the age of 94, with his wife Madeleine at his side.  John was much loved by his son Simon, stepchildren Jonathan, Elaine and Simon, Jonathan’s wife, Sue, and Elaine’s, husband Steve.  Along with six grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild, he will be sorely missed by all the family.

A dedicated supporter of BICSc, John was instrumental in working with the City & Guilds of London Institute writing the initial course curriculum, then writing and marking the exams for the first cleaning science qualifications, leading on to become their Chief Examiner. A long-term friend and colleague, Terry Brooks, commented that John Edwards was a fervent supporter of the British Institute of Cleaning Science. Terry was chairman of the North West Region for many years and John was the secretary of the branch working with Terry. John was one of the early members of the Institute and he was one of only two life Vice Presidents (the other being Colin Hasson).

John was Technical Director of Russell Kirby Ltd., based in Kirkby (now part of Liverpool); various subsequent take overs and mergers over the years meant John ended his career and retired from Unilever in 1993.

In 1968 John established The Cresta Publishing Company along with fellow and past chairman of BICSc, Harold Russell.  John was author of a number of books that were used by and sold by BICSc for many years.  At the age of 80 he ‘retired’ from Cresta, passing on the business to son Simon, Cresta finally closing its doors in 2016.

His quick wit and humour will be remembered by many.

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Established in 1961, The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) is a membership organisation for the cleaning industry.  With 60 years’ of extensive experience and a global remit, BICSc sets industry standards which are delivered through BICSc Training & Services.

We continue to support and share knowledge with over 45,000 of our Individual and Corporate Members, who form one of the largest and most diverse communities of cleaning professionals globally.

Best practice and exacting standards are at the very heart of everything we do, and we believe training and education is an integral way to instil knowledge and help develop superior skills within all cleaning professionals who undertake our ever expanding, extensive suite of training modules and courses.

Our mission – To raise awareness and standards for the cleaning industry through education, and accredited training, thereby:

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