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As the largest independent, professional and educational body within the cleaning industry, BICSc continues to offer ground-breaking support and opportunities for the sector.

Our pioneering, industry-leading approach was demonstrated by the inaugural introduction of our BICSc Business Services Virtual Training Suite, which was recently launched to complement our excellent face-to-face training.

The innovative online training facility has been overwhelming well-received within the sector with thousands of candidates registering to access the multiple courses on offer since it went live in March.

For the first time this year we were able to offer online a range of BICSc accredited and Cleanlogic™ training courses aimed at making training accessible to all and enhance our ongoing training options, including our in-person training.

This advanced approach has proved to be a resounding success and continues to prove popular with countless candidates. Since launching our online state-of-the art virtual training, more than 3,500 candidates have registered to access this invaluable online resource.

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As BICSc celebrates its 60th anniversary it is fitting that during such a momentous milestone year we continue to revolutionise the industry with ground-breaking innovation and continue to lead the marketplace with exciting new developments. The latest of which includes the announcement of our soon-to-be unveiled new BICSc Cleaning Supervisor’s Certificate.

Scheduled to launch this September, it is intended to be the ‘go to’ qualification for the industry.  It aims to provide a robust and well-rounded knowledge for any supervisor of cleaning operatives.

Neil Spencer-Cook, Chief Operating Office at BICSc, said: “We are extremely excited to announce the introduction of the BICSc Supervisor’s Certificate, this will be a 360-degree course and, once available, this will be one of the most comprehensive courses for a supervisor within the cleaning and hygiene industry.”

Our most comprehensive course to date will consist of 10 modules, which can be completed over a 12-month period. Course candidates will have access to a breadth of more than 170 lessons.

Each module may contain a mix of presentations, videos, learning aids, assessments, and assignments as applicable to the module topic. The course content covers:

  • The role of a supervisor 
  • Health & Safety in the cleaning industry
  • Practical skills
  • The principles of cleaning science
  • Control of cross contamination
  • Human resources and customer service
  • The importance of, and how to, effectively train within the cleaning industry
  • Cleaning standards and inspections
  • Effective deployment of cleaning operatives
  • Practical assignment

All training will be delivered via an e-learning environment. It has been structured to achieve modules steadily at the candidate’s own pace within up to a maximum of a one-year period, with expert tutor support available throughout the course.

With more than 45,000 individual and corporate members worldwide, our latest e-learning environment and ground-breaking courses, enable BICSc to continue its mission to raise the standards of education within the cleaning sector and create greater awareness of the vital services cleaning operatives provide.

We remain dedicated to helping raise the standards of education industry-wide and are proud of our ever evolving and expanding accredited training courses we offer online and in-person.

The impact of the global pandemic has been significant and during what has been an increasingly challenging time for businesses, organisations, and individuals everywhere, BICSc has continued to provide vital support for operatives and organisations within the industry.

The coronavirus crisis accelerated the need for qualified, competent cleaning operatives and COVID measures shone a spotlight on how essential their work is in helping to minimise the spread of the virus and help to make environments as COVID-secure as possible.

As millions moved to home working (where physically possible) and virtual meetings became the “new normal” we looked to set up a virtual training platform to allow candidates to access training that would work around their work commitments and lifestyle, wherever they were located.

There are multiple time and cost benefits to being able to utilise the new virtual training suite when wanting to improve skill sets and achieve accredited assessments, including allowing candidates to access our exemplary training at their own pace.

Alongside helping to develop essential new skills, our e-learning environment helps boost morale among operatives and further assists the cleaning community within which we are committed to raising standards and helping cleaning operatives to continue to adhere to best practices.

Candidates can now access the online training modules at a time that suits them, and this flexibility is further enhanced as they can select a course and access it during a set period of days, ranging from seven to 14 days, depending on the chosen course.

Since its introduction, the virtual training suite has been significantly expanded to now offer numerous skills from the Cleaning Professional’s Skills Suite alongside free training courses.

The online offering fulfils a much-needed requirement within the industry, the pandemic only increasing this necessity.

An additional benefit is that the training is also accessible in several different ways which allows candidates to choose the way they want to learn that is tailored to allow them to absorb and digest all the insightful information at their own speed. With courses being taught in a number of effective and engaging ways, there is enough variety in every course to offer options that will work for all participants.

Creating such a varied virtual offering helps candidates to learn via a multitude of ways including via video presentations, short quizzes to test their knowledge, informative video demonstrations and presentation lessons alongside presentations with a narrative. In addition to this most of the courses come with a resource centre offering helpful downloads.

Since its launch in March 2021 countless candidates continue to register to access the training which is a phenomenal achievement and demonstrates the need for online training alongside face-to-face training options. Candidates globally are gaining news skills and knowledge with this outstanding online offering.

Anyone wanting to undertake any of the Cleanlogic™ courses, which are certificated, are not required to have to have completed any training prior to participation, however all candidates who wish to complete any of the Cleaning Professional’s Skills Suite courses must hold a Licence to Practice (LTP) that is in date.

Highlights from some of the courses and workshops include:

  • The Theory of Cleaning Inspections – this course includes both theory and practical elements to demonstrate the process in cleaning inspections.
  • The Licence to Practice is your passport to a career in cleaning – this course covers the essential skills required for anyone who carries out cleaning tasks. The comprehensive course covers essential elements including an understanding of health and safety, dynamic risk assessment, understanding electrical safety, safe use and care of equipment.
  • Principles of Health & Safety – this course aims to provide an understanding of task risk assessments, producing COSHH assessments, how to interpret a chemical safety data sheet, plus preparing standard operating procedures for cleaning skills.
  • Control of Cross Contamination – candidates on this course will learn best practice techniques for infection prevention, as well as how to prevent a breakout from occurring or spreading. It also ensures the cleaning operative will be at no risk from working in the area of a potential breakout. This course would benefit operatives in all areas safeguarding against the risks of cross-contamination and offering control measures in the case of a pandemic.
  • Principles of Cleaning Science – this course offers the perfect introduction into the science of cleaning and examines chemical composition, the effect of pH and what works best in which situation. The course would benefit anyone who wants to understand the science involved in cleaning products and operatives who have to pick products for cleaning tasks. It would be beneficial to anyone working within the cleaning industry whether they are a cleaning operative or a member of senior management.

Neil Spencer-Cook added: “The pandemic has meant life has changed considerably in many ways over the last sixteen months, but for our industry it hasn’t been as negative as it has been for others.

“We are now seeing the benefit of cleaning and hygiene being bought to the forefront of people’s minds, which can never be bad thing. Another plus is the cleaning operative is becoming more visible and, more importantly, more respected.  Part of the BICSc mission statement is ‘to protect the operative’ and one of the best ways to do this is through professional training.   

“We are continuing to review our training offering, it’s never ending, and we are looking at ways we can make our training more accessible to all that wish to take it up.”

The latest online learning developments provide peace of mind for participants as it will also allow candidates completing courses to be assessed by a BICSc Licensed Assessor via a virtual appointment.

Our online offering has global reach, and our virtual training is already assisting cleaning operatives and organisations worldwide.

Anuroop Sasidharan Nail, Facilities Manager at Qatar based Elegancia group said: “The experience was great and its very useful for the new candidates and they clearly understand the process. I would like to thank you for the wonderful session.”

Mohammed Hazath said: “My experience with BICSc virtual training was very positive. I appreciated the ability to complete the course at my own pace and online.

“I chose BICSc virtual training as I live a busy life and studying at my own pace was the best option. The content and assessments had lots of detail… there was good help and direction from the assessors if you need assistance.

“BICSc has always been forward-thinking and one step ahead of the current trend in education. BICSc built a virtual training suite so that all students can experience a simulated workplace that delivers all the cleaning knowledge, policies and procedures of a working company.

“The virtual training suite is a great way to receive more information and check your own comprehension of the details given. The system that is used is very user-friendly and has a complete range of information, templates and procedures that you can not only use for the course itself but also to have as a guide to use at work.

“Recently, I have completed the free courses – Understanding Colour-coding, Hand Hygiene Explained, Understanding PPE, and Understanding Chemical Hazard Pictograms – and I really enjoyed them. I could not fault the BICSc virtual training, any future training, or courses that I may carry out in the future, this will be my first point of call and highly recommended.”

Neil Spencer-Cook concluded: “To make what we have available even more accessible to our members and customers,  we have also created several training bundles to help get candidates started or add to qualifications they have already achieved.”

Click here to visit the Virtual Training Suite or to talk to a member of the team call us on +44 (0) 1604 678 710

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Established in 1961, The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) is a membership organisation for the cleaning industry.  With 60 years’ of extensive experience and a global remit, BICSc sets industry standards which are delivered through BICSc Training & Services.

We continue to support and share knowledge with over 45,000 of our Individual and Corporate Members, who form one of the largest and most diverse communities of cleaning professionals globally.

Best practice and exacting standards are at the very heart of everything we do, and we believe training and education is an integral way to instil knowledge and help develop superior skills within all cleaning professionals who undertake our ever expanding, extensive suite of training modules and courses.

Our mission – To raise awareness and standards for the cleaning industry through education, and accredited training, thereby:

  • Protecting the operative
  • Providing a clean and safe environment
  • Preserving assets
  • Promoting sustainability
  • Producing best practice
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