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Coronavirus – Dr Andrew Kemp JP PhD Reports

January 2020

Advice from the WHO, CDC and PHE should always be followed, their websites update that advice regularly as do news bulletins (from reliable news sources).

Coronaviruses are primarily passed through contact with hands, and to some extent through the air.  Good hand sanitation is the number one precaution we can all take to reduce the spread of this infection (and many others).  If you are not able to wash your hands at a sink with soap and water, you may wish to use a hand foam or gel.  If you do use an alcohol gel, you must reapply it every 15 minutes or wash your hands with soap and water within 15 minutes, as the antimicrobial action of these gels is short lived.

Wearing face masks is always a good idea if you are cleaning areas with significant amounts of dust.  It may be possible for the current coronavirus in China to pass through the air.  In the same way that hand gels and foams are different in their antimicrobial action and length of time they are actively killing, all face masks are not the same.  They do not have the same levels of protection, nor do they last the same length of time as filters.  If you are concerned that there is an increase risk to your health because of the areas you are working in, you should ask for a Health and Safety risk assessment to be done.  This will determine if there is an increased need for the wearing of face masks, and it should also determine which type of mask.  The manufacturer’s instructions will tell you how often to change the masks.

Dr Andrew Kemp JP PhD
Specialist in disinfection and decontamination
Head of Scientific Advisory Board, British Institute of Cleaning Science
UK Ambassador, Anti Microbial Resistance Insights
Principal Scientific Advisor to;
CP Medical
Gateway Health
Axenic Health
Pierce Innovations
The Q Technologies Group
Infection Control Officer for;
Wimpole Aesthetic Clinic London
Zenith Clinics Nottingham

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