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Minster Cleaning Services – Member Story

Since becoming Corporate Members in 2004, Minster Cleaning Services has seen evidence of improved service consistency allowing them to expand their business which now has 44 branches across the UK. Read on to find out how both BICSc Individual and Corporate Membership has supported the growth of this nationwide commercial cleaning company.

“Minster Cleaning Services provide office and commercial cleaning nationwide. We first became franchised in 1982 and now have 44 branches operating throughout the UK.  We have been a Corporate Member of the Institute since 2004 and recognise the value of BICSc membership to uphold consistency across our growing network and to encourage cleaning staff retention.

Our Operations Manager, Ian Hadley is also an Individual Member, allowing him to undertake the Licensed Assessor Training at the BBS Training Suite in Northampton. Ian passed the training, which included four days of learning and one day of assessments, where he was observed assessing candidates carrying out tasks across different areas of cleaning. This allowed him to train branch Supervisors and Area Managers to attain their ‘Licence to Practice’, and to train skills from the Cleaning Professional’s Skills Suite (CPSS).

The training programme was launched at Minster’s national franchise meeting at the start of the year, where interest in the initiative was very high. During the last few months, five branches received their training and a total of 40 staff members have gained their ‘Licence to Practice’ qualification. By the end of 2019, ten branches will have gone through the training process.  

Marc Goddard, Minster Joint Franchise Owner, Leeds branch comments, “The nine individuals that attended the training were very positive about the day and really felt that they had achieved something. They are looking forward to receiving their BICSc cards and accreditation.”

Ian Hadley said “Prior to becoming a Corporate Member of the Institute, it was always very difficult to evidence standards and maintain consistency.  I am very pleased with the high uptake in training across the network, which will ensure we continue to deliver consistently high levels of professional cleaning, hopefully leading to more customer referrals. Being part of BICSc also opens up a whole host of other training opportunities for staff to continue to develop their own skills and feel empowered and valued, leading to higher staff retention.”

Ian Hadley is a guest speaker at the 2019 BICSc Annual Awards Showcase & Exhibition in September, where he will share his experience of rolling out Minster Cleaning Services’ training programme across the network and be available to answer any questions.  

Minster Cleaning

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